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Joe Henson Photographer (Model Talk Interview)

With over 25 years experience, photographer Joe Henson is considered by many to be one of the industry’s premiere publicity portrait headshot photographers. His portfolio contains a whopping 15,000 clients, including Annette Bening, Lisa Lampanelli, Tyler Perry, Selma Blair, Brian Regan, John Henson, Dick Cavett, and Doc Severinson. [...]

Commercial Talent Agency Hollywood

Commercial Talent Agency Hollywood - Agent Rebecca Brunson - Rebecca Brunson is a Commercial Agent with Hollywood’s Commercial Talent Agency, one of the most well-respected agencies in the business. She represents clients ages 18 and up from all ethnicities and focuses on print and commercial projects. She’s booked clients [...]

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Modeling in Paris (Model Talk Interview)

For 25 years, Kim Luret has stood out as a premier expert in the modeling industry. Twelve of those years she spent as a renowned high fashion model on the runways of Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York. Her clients include Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent [...]

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Modeling Resumes (Do I Need a Resume to Be a Model?)

New models often struggle to create a modeling resume particularly if they haven’t yet booked any modeling jobs, and we are often asked by new models how they should write and prepare their modeling resume. Having worked as a modeling agent for over 35 years [...]

Modeling Jobs (How to Book More)

A model's best strategy for success and to book more modeling jobs is to treat the people who employ them very well. An agent can expose and introduce a model to clients, photographers, and others in a position to employ them, but it is up to the model to favorably impress these individuals. [...]

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Art Modeling (How to Become an Art Model)

Art modeling involves posing for an art class and its students, or for a single artist to paint or draw. A live model is an invaluable resource for an artist learning to create portraits, which is a very challenging skill. Art modeling can be not only an excellent way to get comfortable modeling, [...]

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Modeling Travel Expenses

One of the most popular questions we receive at ModelScouts.com is "When a Model Travels Who Pays The Expenses?" Does the modeling agency cover the model's expenses, is it the client, or is it the model? And, the answer is....drumroll please -- It depends. There are several factors that [...]

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MSA Models New York (Model Talk Interview)

MSA Models New York - Plus Size, Fit and Showroom Modeling Explained by MSA Models NYC Susan Levine is President and CEO of MSA Models New York, a full-service model management company in the heart of New York City’s garment district. Founded in 1947, MSA Models helps designers launch lines for [...]

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How to Become a Fit Model

There are a variety of types and categories of fit models for men, women, and children.  Typically they are:  Standard, Contemporary, Misses, Missy, Maternity, Athletic, Full-Figured, Petite, Petite Plus, Swim, Intimates, Urban, Junior, Junior Plus, Tall, and Big & Tall, with new categories being added all the time. [...]

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Social Media for Models (How to Master Social Media)

We’ve all heard stories about what just one inappropriate social media post can do to a person’s career and their life. While a post may seem rather innocent when you first create it, it can cause major problems if you don’t think through how the post might be perceived by other people [...]

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Black Modeling Agencies

Black models are an essential part of the modeling and fashion industries and have been making history in these industries for years. Today, diversity is more than just a passing phase in the modeling industry. Runways, fashion magazines, and billboards now show models ranging from [...]

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