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Plastic Surgery to Become a Model

Should Models Have Plastic Surgery to Enhance Modeling Career?

Among the many misconceptions about starting a modeling career, the ideas about models getting plastic surgery are some of the most widespread. There is an idea that all models must conform to the same measurements, face and body shape, and maintain their youthful appearance years after a non-model would.

Plastic Surgery Modeling

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While looking good is certainly a part of the job, most models don’t resort to extreme plastic surgery to do so. That’s not to say some models don’t choose to slightly modify or tweak their body with surgery or other procedures, but it certainly isn’t essential. Here are some things to think about before going under the knife.

Plastic Surgery Can Limit Your Options

More often than not, plastic surgery can limit a model’s career options much more than it can expand them. Much of modeling, particularly commercial modeling, relies on the expressions a model can make with their face, and a face that is frozen with Botox and other fillers won’t have the same range as a natural face.

This is an important thing to consider when you’re trying to make it in the modeling world, and something you’ll certainly want to discuss with your agent before you take the plunge. If you’re a young model, consider that the younger you start to get these fillers, the more you will need to maintain the look as you get older. Because of this, many doctors recommend waiting as long as possible before you start Botox and fillers.

Another cosmetic procedure that can significantly affect the type of modeling work you get is breast implants. You have likely noticed that many fashion and runway models don’t have particularly large breasts. Not only can larger breasts prevent models from fitting into “sample sizes,” they lend themselves to different types of modeling like glamour or lingerie modeling, which is perfectly fine but; if you’re set on a particular kind of modeling, make sure you discuss how breast implants could limit your options in your desired market before you go ahead with them.

Agents and Clients Like Models With Unique Features

While many people assume all models need to look “perfect,” there are endless examples of top models with unique features that stand out from what society might consider the typical beauty standard.. Some models have large bumps on their noses, gaps in their teeth, and very prominent lips or jawlines. With modeling becoming more and more inclusive of different body types, there are options for people with all kinds of features, body types and heights, and of all ages. Keep this in mind before you decide to undergo plastic surgery and make sure you discuss with your agent, or friends and family, any and all potential career side-effects that might occur should you make a drastic physical change.


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