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Become a Model


ModelScouts.com is the industry’s #1 scouting company.
New York Models recommends ModelScouts to everyone seeking a career as a top international model!
New York Modeling Agency

I decided to give ModelScouts a try and now I’m working everyday! I’ve worked for Project Runway, Chanel, Dior and many
other top designers all because of ModelScouts.com!
CELINE C. Signed to: New York Models, LA Models, Metropolitan Paris, WhyNot Milan

Become a Model

Elite Models has signed several models from ModelScouts.com over the years.
ModelScouts is a professional organization providing new models with a legitimate avenue to get seen by leading agencies.

Elite Models

ModelScouts.com is the REAL DEAL!  I’ve worked for Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Essence, American Eagle, Old Navy, Nike, Budweiser, JC Penny’s, and McDonald’s. I was also named “The Male Commercial Supermodel” by Cosmo Girl Magazine thanks to ModelScouts.com!
SHAWN K. Signed to: Click Model Management, Los Angeles

Become a Model

I have worked with the scouts from ModelScouts.com for many years. If I were a young person looking to get started in the business
ModelScouts.com would be the first way I would try to get discovered.
Become a Model

ModelScouts.com can open doors for you that you couldn’t possibly open on your own! I’ve booked jobs for Chanel, Dior, Orly, Panasonic and more! I highly recommend ModelScouts.com to anyone interested in pursuing a career in modeling!
LAURA L.  Signed to: Elite Models New York, Los Angeles; LA Models Runway; Zem Osaka

Become a Model

We always look forward to the new faces we see from ModelScouts! Q Models New York/LA recommends them to anyone looking
for great representation and a legitimate vehicle to start their modeling careers.

Become a Model

Since submitting my son Niles’ photos to ModelScouts he has worked for Disney, Tyler Perry, on Broadway as Simba in The Lion King, on the series Army Wives, and now appears on the hit NBC series This is Us! ModelScouts changed the life of my son and our entire family!
NILES F. Signed to: Wilhelmina Kids, New York

Become a Model

ModelScouts is 100% reliable, honest and willing to help you reach your dreams! I’ve booked jobs with Abercrombie & Fitch and got the cover of DNR Magazine. ModelScouts.com is one site you can completely trust! I am so glad that I found them!!
CLAY W. Signed to: New York Models, LA Models

Become a Model

ModelScouts.com is simply the best model scouting company! They provide a safe, professional environment for models to be seen by top agencies around the world. We signed their models Juris J. and Courtney F.  I recommend them to all new models seeking representation.  ModelScouts is the only way to go!
Become a Model

My praise goes to ModelScouts.com! Their approach and honesty is simply superb. I would strongly urge any up and coming model to start here first. ModelScouts.com knows how to get the job done!
LACEY W. Signed to: Boss Model Management, New York

Male Modeling

I wish I had known about ModelScouts.com when I was first starting out. They provide an extraordinary service that I could never have duplicated on my own. ModelScouts.com is truly a joy to work with!
VALERIE R. Signed to: Ford Models, Chicago; CED Talent, New York

mature modeling agencies

Living in Russia we didn’t have many options. We are so glad we found ModelScouts! They got our daughter signed to agencies in New York, Singapore and Sweden with more in the works! ModelScouts.com is fantastic!
MARTA K. Signed to: Diva Models Singapore; Modellink Sweden

child modeling agencies


WHAT IS THE PHOTO SUBMIT SERVICE?2020-06-11T16:35:34-04:00


After you upload your photos to your profile, and activate the Photo Submit Service inside your account, our professional staff will prepare and present your photos to international modeling agents and scouts representing over 250 of the industry’s top agencies in all of the major markets, including, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, London, Germany, Greece, Spain, Australia, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Korea and more.


Once your photos have been reviewed, we will upload a report of the agent and scout responses to your account within 10 business days. Should an agency express an interest in representing you we will provide you with professional advice and guidance at no extra charge to you.

DO I NEED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS?2017-09-12T11:28:18-04:00

No. You do not need professional photos to join ModelScouts.

Regular snapshots are just fine. Even “selfies” shot in the mirror can work.

Try to include at least one clear face shot and one body shot so the agents, scouts and clients can get a good sense of who you are.

WHY DO I NEED AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO?2017-09-15T08:57:04-04:00

Agents and scouts visit ModelScouts.com every day searching for new models to be represented by their agencies.

By having your modeling profile online at ModelScouts you create a sense of urgency in the agents and scouts to sign you before another agent snaps you up! We’ve heard countless stories from our models who, even after submitting their photos to agencies themselves, didn’t get signed until they were on ModelScouts. We love that!

By having an online profile in the same place as all the agents and scouts you significantly increase your exposure and opportunities for getting discovered and signed by these agencies. Having an online profile at ModelScouts is much more efficient and cost-effective than mailing photos to agencies, having a separate website, or trying to email hundreds of agencies yourself.


We accept aspiring models of all ages, sizes and heights.

Many of the modeling agencies we work with have commercial modeling, plus size, petite, and child modeling divisions in addition to their fashion divisions.

We welcome male models, female models, petite and plus size models, mature models, child and infant models. No modeling experience required.

DO YOU CHARGE MONTHLY FEES?2018-05-14T02:51:11-04:00

No, we DO NOT charge monthly or reoccurring fees.

Moreover, we DO NOT deduct management commission fees from your modeling income.

We DO NOT automatically charge your credit card when your account expires.

If you wish to renew your account at the end of one year term you can do so manually within your account. You can also cancel your account at any time.

WHY IS THERE A FEE TO JOIN?2020-05-05T16:30:52-04:00

ModelScouts.com is a scouting company that provides a service, in which, you will receive exposure to the industry’s most reputable modeling agents and scouts. We do the work for you so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are working with legitimate modeling companies. We also provide model management services to members who get scouted by top model agencies.

Rather than take a management fee, or ongoing commissions from your income, we offer a very affordable flat rate of only $149 for a 1 Year Model Profile plus Photo Submit Service.

In addition to your professional modeling profile, and incredible exposure, you will also benefit from our 35 years experience in the areas of promotion, contract negotiations, international and mother agency relations, travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, and work visa’s in foreign countries, all at no extra charge.

We have no extra management fees, commissions, hidden charges or monthly charges. The amount you see on our site is the maximum cost you will ever have with us.

WHAT IS YOUR GUARANTEE?2018-04-12T20:57:49-04:00

ModelScouts.com guarantees that your photos will be reviewed and evaluated by the industry’s top modeling agents and scouts representing over 250 top international modeling agencies, and the results of your Photo Submit Report will be completed and uploaded to your account within 10 business days from the date of submission.

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF THE BBB?2017-09-12T12:30:54-04:00

Yes. ModelScouts has been a Member of Better Business Bureau since 2003 and maintains an A+ Rating.

ModelScouts has also received the BBB’s highest honor, the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics.

Our memberships and affiliations also include:

Member of The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
Member of The North American Modeling Association
Member of The Managers and Models Association
Member of The Better Business Bureau
Supporter The Models Alliance 

WHAT METHOD OF PAYMENT CAN I USE?2019-05-10T15:59:28-04:00

You can make your payment by Visa and MasterCard through our secure and encrypted system.

You can also make your payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Card, and Pre-Paid Credit Card through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. Simply choose the PayPal option when creating your profile and you will be taken to a secure PayPal page.

If you are making your payment by Debit Card or Pre-Paid Credit Card please use the PayPal option to make your payment as PayPal accepts a wide range of debit and pre-paid card types. As mentioned above, you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.

I DON’T LIVE IN THE U.S. OR CANADA, CAN I STILL JOIN?2017-09-12T10:58:48-04:00

Absolutely! We welcome aspiring models from all over the world. We regularly place models who are based in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Ukraine and many other international locations.

HOW DO I CANCEL MY ACCOUNT?2017-12-22T01:51:30-05:00

Your account will automatically expire at the end of your initial term. We do not automatically charge your credit card when your account expires so you never have to worry about reoccurring fees.

The majority of our models renew their accounts, however if you wish to cancel your account before it expires you may do so at any time from inside your account.

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