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Free Modeling Agencies (What Are They?)

A common question that new models ask us is – “How Do I Find a Free Modeling Agency?” Well, that depends on what you mean by free? What are “free modeling agencies”? Are they modeling agencies that don’t charge you anything? That don’t charge upfront fees? Or, does it mean an agency [...]

Free Modeling Agencies (What Are They?)2017-11-09T20:56:02-05:00

Modeling Travel Expenses

One of the most popular questions we receive at ModelScouts.com is "When a Model Travels Who Pays The Expenses?" Does the modeling agency cover the model's expenses, is it the client, or is it the model? And, the answer is....drumroll please -- It depends. There are several factors that [...]

Modeling Travel Expenses2018-10-09T16:01:50-04:00
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