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Model Search Contest 2024

Win a modeling contract with one or more of 250+ international modeling agencies. Free to enter. Male, female & child models of all ages, sizes and heights welcome. Sign up today to get scouted! [...]

Model Search Contest 20242024-02-12T16:29:53-05:00

Coco Rocha (The ModelScouts Interview)

Supermodel Coco Rocha Talks With ModelScouts.com - Coco Rocha is loved by the media and fashion industries. Her practice of Irish dancing has endeared her to both the general masses and industry giants, and her earthy appeal and classic looks have won her sought after contracts with cosmetic giants YSL and Rimmel. She is a runway star for Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, [...]

Coco Rocha (The ModelScouts Interview)2023-10-16T16:36:55-04:00

Modeling Agencies Near Me

When you start your search for “modeling agencies near me”, it’s important to think about what type of agency you are ultimately searching for. There are some questions you should ask yourself about what the agency offers and what you really need to start your modeling career. Find the right modeling agency for you [...]

Modeling Agencies Near Me2019-12-17T19:40:12-05:00

How To Become a Model (5 Expert Tips)

How to Become a Model - Get Started as a Model (5 Expert Tips) - At ModelScouts the number one question we receive is "How Do I Become a Model?" Becoming a model can be easy, or it can be difficult, depending on how you approach it and the people with whom you associate. Here are 5 [...]

How To Become a Model (5 Expert Tips)2021-11-29T22:56:21-05:00

Modeling Portfolios (Is a Professional Portfolio Required?)

Modeling Portfolios - Is a Professional Modeling Portfolio Required to Become a Model? New models often ask us if they need a modeling portfolio (or what we call a "book") filled with professional photos before approaching modeling agencies. It is an important question since professional modeling photos can be very expensive often costing between [...]

Modeling Portfolios (Is a Professional Portfolio Required?)2018-01-06T23:59:22-05:00

Modeling Contracts (Know This Before You Sign)

Modeling Contracts - What to Know Before Signing a Modeling Contract - You probably understand the importance of reading every part of a contract before you sign one, but unfortunately, a lot of people fail to fully understand what it is they are signing before they do so. If you’re a new model and in the process of signing a contract for the first time [...]

Modeling Contracts (Know This Before You Sign)2017-12-21T02:31:25-05:00
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