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Finding the Right Model Agency For You

When searching for a model agency to represent you it is important to find the one that is just the right fit for you. The first step is to ask yourself what type of model you’d like to be. Do you want to be a commercial, fashion (editorial), print or runway model? Do you want to work with international modeling agencies or book modeling jobs on a more local level? Here are few tips to help you on your quest for the perfect model agency.

Model Agency

Dolls Model Agency Taipei, Taiwan

High Fashion Editorial Model Agency

High fashion or editorial agencies are located in large fashion markets such as New York, Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo. These agencies represent supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen, Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. Models represented by editorial agencies are usually 5′ 9″ and over for women, and 6′ 0″ and over for men. There are however, exceptions to every rule, and editorial agencies have been known to represent models under these height requirements. If you have a look that the agencies are seeking many of them will overlook the height requirements if you present a “complete package”. Check out our model Evelyn S. who at just 5′ 4″ we signed to Elite Models.

Commercial Model Agency

Commercial models can be represented by a commercial agency, or by the commercial divisions of primarily fashion agencies or talent agencies. Wilhelmina Models is a good example of a primarily fashion agency with a strong commercial division. Commercial model agencies represent all types of models from petite, plus size, mature models and models of diversity.

Petite Model Agency

There are very few model agencies that represent petite models only. Petite models are usually represented by commercial agencies, or agencies that represent swimwear, fit, or fitness models. High fashion agencies have been known to represent petite models if the model has a terrific look and they fit the requirements of the agency in every aspect other than height. The representation of Kate Moss was considered highly controversial when she was first signed to Storm Models.  Kate is reported to be barely 5’7″ and no model under 5’9″ had been signed to such a high-end agency at the time. Today many agencies will relax their height requirement for the right girl or guy. Check out male model Aaron Frew who at 5’7″ was signed to top editorial agency d’Management in Milan.

model agency

Petite Model Isabelle V. Signed to Otto Models, LA

Plus Size Model Agency

Like petite model agencies, there are few agencies that represent plus size models only. Plus size or curvy models will most often find representation in commercial, talent and fit agencies. However, since the need for both male and female plus and curvy models has really taken off in the past few years, many of the top fashion agencies now represent plus and curvy models on their main boards. So, if you are a plus size male model or curvy female model you no longer have to limit your search for agency representation to just a few agencies, now you can be considered by even the top editorial agencies.

Male Model Agency

Male models can be on the men’s board of modeling agencies that represent both male and female fashion and commercial models, or by agencies that specialize in male models only. One is not better than the other, as either type of agency can produce excellent results representing their male models. Check out our list of the top male modeling agencies in New York.

Child Model Agency

Child models are most often represented in the kids divisions of major agencies, or by talent agencies. There are very few agencies that specialize in child models only. A few of the top agencies with divisions for children include Wilhelmina Models, New York Model Management, and LA Models.

model agency child

Child Model Niles Fitch Signed to Wilhelmina Models, New York

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Fit Model Agency

A fit model agency is different from a fitness model agency. Fit models are used behind the scenes and are a very important aspect of the fashion industry. Designers, clothing manufacturers and suppliers rely on fit models at every stage of the process from pattern making and design to marketing. Fit model agencies require male and female models of every shape and size to meet the various demands of their clients. A couple of top fit model agencies are MSA Models and Fashion Fit Models.

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Fitness Model Agency

A fitness model agency specializes in fitness models. In addition to fitness model agencies, fitness models can also be represented by commercial modeling agencies. Many of the larger markets such New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago will have fitness model agencies. However, smaller local markets will often represent fitness models in their commercial divisions.

Transgender Model Agency

There has been a gender revolution lately, and more and more fashion and commercial clients realize the importance of being inclusive when choosing models to represent their brands. Over the past few years several top agencies have signed transgender models to their main boards with the latest being IMG Models New York signing transgender supermodel Andrej Pejic. A couple of agencies specializing in transgender models have opened recently such as Slay Models and Trans Models.

In Summary:

No matter what type of model you are there is likely a model agency that represents your type. Getting these agencies to notice you however can be a bit tricky. The first step to getting noticed is to take some basic snapshots of yourself. You do not need to invest in professional photo shoots or modeling classes in the beginning.

There are a variety of ways to get your photos in front of the agencies from mailing them to submitting them online. However, with the number of photos agencies receive each week you can easily get lost in the mix.

ModelScouts.com provides a Photo Submit Service in which we will submit your photos to agents and scouts for over 250 of the most legitimate and reputable modeling agencies in the world, and you’ll get your results within 10 business days. For more information click here.


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