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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Modeling Career

Embarking on your new modeling career, may at times, prove to be a bit overwhelming and confusing. You may also find that although you are working hard toward your goal, you aren’t getting the responses or success that you would like. It may be that one or more of these common mistakes are the reason you aren’t progressing as you should.

Here are six common mistakes you should avoid when starting your new modeling career.

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1. Unnecessary Photos and Classes

While all new models will have some basic modeling expenses to get started, you shouldn’t break the bank to jumpstart your career.

When you are first starting out the only type of photos you really need are some simple snapshots that show the agents and scouts who you really are. The agents understand that you are new to the business and don’t expect you to have professional photos.

When considering you as a new model, the agents and scouts are analyzing your bone structure, body proportion and your overall marketability to their clients. Professional photos with artificial lighting, makeup, and other techniques that can manipulate your image, often do not give the agents a true sense of your potential.

Another thing new models often spend too much money on are modeling classes. Modeling classes can be fun, and you can meet and make new friends that have the same interests as you. But, modeling classes will neither make you a model, nor are they necessary for you to become one.

2. UnFlattering Digitals

Agents often make their sole determination on whether or not they want to offer you a modeling contract based on your snapshots or digitals; therefore, it cannot be overstated just how important these types of shots are. Be sure your snapshots are clear and in focus, and that your hair is groomed and your makeup is fresh. Male models do not wear makeup.

3. Unprofessional Correspondence

How you present yourself in an email or a letter tells the agents a lot about you and how you will ultimately present yourself to the agency’s clients. Your first contact with an agent is not the time to tell them your life story or your problems. Keep your emails and letters short and to the point. Include all your stats such as:

Women – age, height, bust, waist and hips.
Men – age, height, jacket size, chest size, waist.
Also include your contact information and where you currently reside.

4. Being Too Eager

Wanting to become a model and working hard to reach your goal is a good thing. Wanting to become a model really, really badly and being willing to do whatever it takes to become one is not. No reputable agent will want you to or ask you to compromise your integrity to get a modeling job or contract. If an agent, client, or photographer ever tells you that you can advance your career by posing for nude photos or by giving them “a little extra” you shouldn’t walk, you should run!

5. Limiting Exposure

As a new model, it is very important to get as much exposure to as many agents and scouts as possible. The reason being is that not all models are suited for every market and not all markets are suitable for every model. So, don’t think that just because an agency in New York is unable to represent you that you can’t work in other markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, London, or even Paris, France. At ModelScouts.com we specialize in giving you the exposure you need to agents and scouts of every market.

6. Giving Up Too Early

Many people think that today’s supermodels were instantly discovered and offered modeling contracts the moment they walked through the door of a modeling agency. In reality, the opposite is often true. Many of the industry’s most successful models got there because they worked hard, built their books (modeling portfolios), and developed their look and “brand” over time. In fact, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who according to Forbes Magazine, earns over $47 million a year, was rejected by 42 agents before she was eventually signed to Elite Models.

Becoming a model and having a successful modeling career is a process that takes time, patience and perseverance. But, with the right exposure, the right attitude, and the right people behind you, you will be on the right track to a successful modeling career.


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