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Are You the Next Plus Size / Brawn Male Model?

“Plus-sized” or curvy female models have been getting a lot of attention in the media lately, and many people have breathed a sigh of relief that different body types are being represented in the media and proving that style can in fact go beyond a size 0. There are plenty of big names in curvy modeling (or any models that are over a size 6 or 8), from Ashley Graham, who was the first “plus-sized” model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, to Robyn Lawley and Tess Holliday. Considered long overdue by many – brawn male models are making their mark on the industry now too.

When Zach Miko became the first male model to ever be signed to a major modeling agency this year (that’s right – not until 2016!), the world realized what they had been missing, and male brawn models got a huge push in popularity from the publicity Zach’s contract created. Zach’s Target campaign for their “Big & Tall” section satisfied a lot of people who were frustrated with seeing men of smaller proportions modeling clothes meant for bigger and taller men.



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