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Becoming a Model

Top 5 Myths About Becoming a Model

There are many myths about the modeling profession that can create confusion for new models and may actually stop them from pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming a model. Here are five of the top myths about modeling along with real information to help you succeed as a professional model.

Myth #1 – You Must Be Tall To Model

For years the height of a fashion model had to fit within a very specific range. Over the past few years we have seen the industry relax those requirements and we now see many more models who have blown those requirements out of the water!

In addition to petite modeling agencies, many of the big modeling agencies in New York, Paris, Milan and other major fashion markets are now representing models who are a “smaller” (agents rarely use the word “petite” or “short” in the industry). Rather than looking at just the height of the model, agencies are looking at the complete package, which is good news for you! Even smaller male models are getting signed to top agencies!

Becoming a Model

ModelScouts Petite Model – Isabelle V. Signed to Otto Models, LA

Myth #2 – You Must Be Thin to Model

The plus size modeling market is the fastest growing and one of the most important sectors of the fashion industry. Not only are modeling agencies welcoming models who are curvier and more voluptuous than the usual super thin fashion model, but they are turning these girls into superstars!

Rather than having plus size modeling agencies that specialize in just plus models, many of the top modeling agencies in New York, L.A. and even Paris and Milan now have divisions devoted solely to their plus models. So, if you are curvy and know how to work it, then many of the top modeling agencies will definitely want to see you!

Becoming a Model

Plus Model – Marquita Pring

Myth #3 – You Must Be Young to Model

50 is definitely the new 30!
People are living healthier and longer than ever before, and clothing manufacturers, health care companies and other important clients are using mature models more and more in their advertising campaigns and promotional material.

Mature models are an important part of both the commercial and high fashion markets. So, if you have always dreamed of being a model then don’t let your age hold you back! Agencies are always on the lookout for great mature models of all ages!

Becoming Model

ModelScouts Mature Model Manon C. Signed to SMG Models, Seattle

Myth #4 – Professional Photos Required

Simple snapshots are all model agents and scouts really need to be able to determine if they are interested in representing a model. It is not necessary to go to the trouble or expense of shooting professional modeling photos before you know that an agency is interested in you. Good clear snapshots are usually enough to start. Moreover, agencies may want to change your look with a new haircut or color and your existing photos may be out of date before you even start.

Once an agency has expressed an interest in you, then you can start looking into shooting with photographers in your area or with photographers recommended by the agency. Having said that, never pay an agency directly for photoshoots. Or, if the agency insists that you shoot with only their specific photographer it should raise some red flags.

becoming model

BEFORE – Snapshots Laura L. used when she joined ModelScouts.com

AFTER – Laura Was Signed to: ELITE MODELS, New York; L.A. MODELS, Los Angeles; ZEM MODELS, Japan; DIVA MODELS, Singapore

Myth #5 – Model Agencies Pay Expenses

Modeling expenses is an area that can create the most confusion for new models. There is so much misinformation circulating around the internet that we’ve dedicated an entire article on the subject of modeling expenses.

We understand that models have been told “don’t pay an agency to represent you” – that is true. But that is much different from investing in your own basic start-up costs that don’t involve the agency, such as photoshoots, website profiles, composite cards, etc. These are services you need from outside sources such as photographers, scouting services, web developers, stylists, printers, etc.


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