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Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Modeling - Plus-Size & Curvy Models Establish Themselves in Mainstream Modeling - As long as modeling has been around, there have been different types of models, but “straight-size” models (female models between size 0-8 and male models with a 29.... Today, modeling is more inclusive than it ever has been, and it isn’t uncommon to see models of all shapes, sizes, and heights [...]

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Plus Size Male Modeling

When Zach Miko became the first male model to ever be signed to a major modeling agency in 2016, the world realized what they had been missing, and male brawn models got a huge push in popularity from the publicity Zach’s contract created. Zach's Target campaign for their "Big & Tall" [...]

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Plus Size Modeling Agencies

Plus-size or curvy models have been making history for years, and have gradually become much more mainstream than being just a niche market. Not only do many agencies have plus-size divisions, but there are also now several prominent agencies who specifically represent plus models. [...]

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