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NYFW Embraces Models of Diversity

Top Designers Celebrate Diverse Models on the Runway  

Diverse models are more than just models who don’t fit into sample sizes or aren’t a certain height, or age. Models of diversity include models of all genders, ages, races, sizes, heights, and abilities. While it takes a special talent and a certain look to become a model, factors like race, size, and ability should never exclude a person from being a successful model. ModelScouts has always worked with a diverse selection of models, and we are so pleased to see the runway at major fashion weeks and advertising campaigns becoming more diverse than ever before.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 featured the most inclusive runways it has ever seen, and the diversity that was showcased was celebrated by industry professionals as well as the public. Of the 19 models who walked in the most shows, eight of them were models of color, and the overall percentage of models of color in all of the shows was 37.3%. While this was only a slight increase from the season before, the numbers continue to rise and are certainly growing in the right direction. NYFW Fall 2018 also saw a record amount of transgender models and non-binary models – 33, compared to the season before having 31. Some labels, including Christian Siriano and Chromat, are known to be more inclusive in their casting than others, but more and more are following suit.

Model Winnie Harlow – Desigual Fashion Show NYFW

American Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour recently discussed her favorite moments from NYFW Fall 2018 in a video for Vogue. She mentions, among other highlights, how “heartened and inspired” she is to see designers choosing more diverse models to showcase their pieces. Wintour notes how many new designers seem to be especially focused on casting diverse models, which is very promising for the industry. You can also spot America’s Next Top Model alum Winnie Harlow in this video. Winnie is a talented supermodel who happens to have a condition called vitiligo, and she has used her platform to encourage other aspiring models to chase their dreams.

There are so many inclusive modeling agencies searching for that special look and skill only you have. Some of the most successful models once thought their dreams would never come true because they don’t fit into outdated beauty standards. Many people have no idea that modeling agencies, fashion designers, and other clients are looking for diverse models, and the public loves seeing models of all kinds on the runways and in ads.

ModelScouts model Kevin B. was recently signed to Stella Models in Vienna, Austria. Kevin is 46 years old and had never modeled before, but he decided to sign up for ModelScouts and give it a try. Kevin was immediately spotted by several top scouts was offered contracts with three agencies! At 5’10” and a mature model, Kevin may not fit the typical model requirements many agencies say they look for in a male model, but this hasn’t slowed his modeling career down one bit! If Kevin hadn’t decided to give ModelScouts a chance, his great personality and exceptional personal style might have gone unnoticed, and he wouldn’t have been scouted.

ModelScouts Model Kevin B. - Signed to Stella Models, Vienna, Austria

ModelScouts Model Kevin B. – Signed to Stella Models, Vienna, Austria

If modeling is something that’s been on your mind but you’ve just assumed you don’t have what it takes or you don’t fit the classic description of a model, it’s time to think again!

ModelScouts works with models of all genders, ages, races, size, and abilities, and you never know if you could be that special someone a modeling agency is looking for! Getting started is easy!


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