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Modeling Agency Open Calls & Go-Sees

So, you’ve gathered up your courage, put on your makeup and a great new outfit and you’re now ready to attend some modeling agency open calls; sometimes called go-sees, auditions or casting calls. In addition to looking great it’s important to follow some simple guidelines to help you ace your interview.

Be on Time

Being on time is a MUST! Being late for your interview or for modeling jobs is the kiss of death for a model. Time is money and lateness is never tolerated by agents, photographers or clients. Plan your time wisely and make sure you show up for your appointment time at least 10 minutes early (no earlier). If you find yourself arriving too early wait outside or in the lobby until it’s time for you to be there. With the advent of cell phones, GPS and Google Maps there is no excuse for a model not to know exactly where he/she needs to be and to be there on time.



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