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Model Scout Imposters

ModelScouts.com is dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of models. Unfortunately, there are individuals who prey on your modeling ambitions by impersonating representatives of ModelScouts.com, or claiming to be model scouts when they are not. Predators will often reach out to you on social media using names similar to our company and other top agencies. They may send you photos or a link to our website to try to appear legitimate. We will NEVER contact you first through social media or WhatsApp. We will only reply to you if you contacted us first. We do not have any affiliations with any independent scout, or any social media accounts other than the ones posted at the bottom of our website. You can click the social media icons on the bottom of our site to see the only social media accounts we maintain.


ModelScouts.com is in no way affiliated with the websites model-scouts.nyc, nycmodelscouts.com, manhattan-models.com, midtown-models, west-38.com, modelscouts.miami, modelscouters.com, the model factory, or any other websites or companies.

To our knowledge all of these websites are owned by a photo studio called West 38. West 38 uses “feeder” websites to give models the impression they are getting seen by modeling scouts but, in fact, their only purpose is to sell photoshoots. They do nothing to assist models in finding representation or bookings.

Model-Scouts.nyc, West-38 and Manhattan-Models stole photos, testimonials, copyrighted content and trademarks from our website

We first became aware of model-scouts.nyc, and its other feeder sites, when we discovered they had stolen photos, testimonials, copyrighted content, and trademarks from our website. They fraudulently misrepresented our material as theirs in order to mislead models into believing they were either affiliated with ModelScouts.com, or that the testimonials and photos were the result of their work when they were not.

At no time did model-scouts.nyc, manhattan-models, or west-38 have permission to use our copyrighted and trademarked material. Our legal department sent several cease and desist letters to model-scouts.nyc, manhattan-models.com, west-38.com, and their web hosting companies, demanding the removal of our copyright and trademarked material, and to cease their fraudulent misrepresentation.

In an emailed letter from the operators of these websites to us and our legal department, they admitted, in writing, their fraudulent misrepresentation to the public, and their copyright and trademark infringement. They eventually removed most of our material. However, remnants of our content still remains on their sites.

Professional Photos Are Not Required to Get Scouted by Agencies

Professional photos are never required for new models to be seen by scouts. Snapshots are fine. For more information on modeling portfolios please visit https://www.modelscouts.com/blog/modeling-portfolios/

We Do Not Have a Scout Named Valentina Casablancas or Tina Cas

We have received reports of a person using the names Valentina Casablancas and Tina Cas on social media and through WhatsApp. They may use the screen name “modelscouts.international” or “south africa model makers” and send you a link to our website. They are an imposter and are in no way affiliated with us. If you’ve received a message from them please report them to your social media platform, block them, and/or notify your local police. From the messages we have seen from them we believe they have the potential to be very dangerous.


Model scout imposters will often contact you directly through social media and email, therefore, you must be very careful before engaging in conversations with them.

  • ModelScouts.com will NEVER contact you first through social media.
  • Any email that you receive from ModelScouts.com will be from the email domain @ModelScouts.com only. We will only contact you if you contacted us first.
  • Real agents do not conduct interviews online through webcam, Skype, Facetime, Instagram, Snapchat, or other apps. ModelScouts.com NEVER conducts interviews using these applications.
  • ModelScouts.com never requests photos in the nude or lingerie.
  • Real agents do not charge a fee for you to book an appointment.
  • Always independently verify the identity of any individual claiming to be a representative of ModelScouts.com, or any other modeling company, by sending us an email through our contact page or by phone at 1.646.530.8333.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be a ModelScouts.com representative, please contact our office immediately.


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