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Modeling Contracts (Know This Before You Sign)

Modeling Contracts - What to Know Before Signing a Modeling Contract - You probably understand the importance of reading every part of a contract before you sign one, but unfortunately, a lot of people fail to fully understand what it is they are signing before they do so. If you’re a new model and in the process of signing a contract for the first time [...]

Modeling Contracts (Know This Before You Sign)2017-12-21T02:31:25-05:00

Model Agencies (Why You Need One)

At ModelScouts.com we are often asked the question, "Why do I need a model agency if I can get modeling jobs online?" The internet has opened up many opportunities for new models, however, it has also opened up many new dangers. Here are the top reasons why you need professional [...]

Model Agencies (Why You Need One)2017-11-10T03:01:40-05:00
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