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ModelScouts Launches Website 4.0

Welcome To Our New Website

How time flies, it seems like just yesterday we were announcing our previous new and improved website. That was January 2011. Now, here we are again, seven years later, launching the newest and fourth version of our company website since ModelScouts was founded in 2001.

Our new website is a mobile responsive site, that offers a clean, modern design that we think our current models, agents, scouts and new members will enjoy.


ModelScouts.com Previous Website Launched 2011

In addition to the visual improvements, some of our new features include: a clean, easy to use member interface; the ability to upload photos from mobile devices; six month account term increased to one year with the maximum number of photos increased from six to fifteen; and the maximum number of photos in the Photo Submit Service plus 1 Year account increased from twenty six to thirty.

Models will continue to get receive our popular Photo Submit Service with results within 10 business days, and access to Personal Coaching Sessions with model, actor and career coach, Aaron Marcus. Services that have proven to help aspiring models push their modeling careers to the next level by increasing their exposure and industry knowledge.

This redesigned, fourth version of our website embodies ModelScouts’ vision and commitment to providing aspiring fashion and commercial models the most affordable and secure way to be promoted to international modeling agencies and clients.

We look forward to continuing our relationships with our current members and starting new ones with aspiring models worldwide.

Current Members Seeking Login Information

No need to fret! All the agents and scouts searching for models still have access to your existing model profile and photos along with the ability to contact you from our portfolio database. We simply need you to create a duplicate profile on our new site.

Prior to the launch of our new website, email notices were sent to current members with instructions on creating a new profile. If you did not receive this email please contact us so we can assist you.


ModelScouts.com Awarded BBB Ethics Award
ModelScouts.com Supports the Models Alliance
ModelScouts.com Joins Models & Managers Association
ModelScouts Founder Named Modeling Expert at TheBalance.com



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